MyChron5s vs MyChron5s 2T comparsion

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MyChron5s vs MyChron5s 2T comparsion

What’s the difference between MyChron5s and MyChron5s 2T?

The only difference between the lap timers is the number of temperature inputs. MyChron5s will allow you to monitor 1 temperature while the 2T version has 2 temperature inputs.

How can you tell the difference?

Besides the obvious 2T mark on the front of the lap timer, the number of pins on the upper connector also differs. MyChron5s has a 3 pin connector while MyChron5s 2T has a 7 pin connector.

Which one should I choose?

For many hobby racers, 1 temperature input of either water temperature for water-cooled engines, or exhaust temperature for air-cooled engines is sufficient.
Ambitious racers will go for both water and exhaust temperatures. This combination will provide the best data for adjusting your carburetor and gain the last 1/100 seconds of lap time!

Can I upgrade my MyChron5s lap timer to the 2T version?

Once purchased, it is not possible to change or upgrade to the 2T version. 
But if you wish to upgrade, it leaves you 2 choices:
-    Option 1: Sell your MyChron5s secondhand and buy the 2T version instead. This is the preferred option for most customers as it is the simplest solution and will add little complexity to your lap timer setup. From a cost perspective, this is also the cheapest solution.
-    Option 2: Add a MyChron Expansion to your lap timer setup. The Expansion allows for more temperature sensors to be connected. But it will also add an extra box and wires to your laptimer setup. If you wish to do deeper driver analysis, this is the way to go as you can also connect pedal sensors, pressure sensor, steering wheel position and more sensors to the MyChron Expansion. But it comes with a cost and extra complexity of the installation. 

I have heard that the 2T version is only for 2-stroke engines?

This is a common misunderstanding! Both versions of the MyChron5s will sample RPM equally well from both 2 and 4 stroke engines. The only requirement for a successful installation is access to a spark plug cable.

Which one is more popular?

Our statistics show that app. 75% of our customers choose the 2T version.


The 2T version was introduced with the MyChron4 lap timer back in 2006. Since then, it has been a part of MyChron5 and now lately the newest MyChron5s lap timer.

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